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The resources in this section, which may be reproduced and promoted without permission, are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of New Jersey’s GDL program and help put it into practice on a daily basis. These resources are designed to be used by you, some following completion of training, to facilitate group learning, discussion and action.

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Share the Keys

This parent/teen safe driving orientation is designed to reduce teen driver crash risks by increasing parental involvement. Approximately 90 minutes in length, the orientation is presented by facilitators in community based settings (i.e. schools, libraries) and can be linked to parking permit requirements, classroom driver education programs and back-to-school nights. The orientation is ideally suited for parents and their teens in the pre-permit or permit state of licensure (parents and their teens already holding a probationary license will also benefit).

  • Program Description - Provides an overview of the program and how to become a facilitator
  • Resource Guide - Introduced in the orientation, this 24-page booklet presents research, helpful advice and contacts that support parental involvement and safe driving behaviors.
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Saturday Night Live (SNL) Video

This 3-minute Saturday Night Live comedy sketch featuring Taylor Swift humorously addresses parental impact on teen driving from a teen’s perspective. (It can be used in conjunction with the New Jersey Parent/Teen Orientation found in the Engage section of this tool kit.)

  • Best practice: Show the video to kick-off a parent/teen GDL information night or on a lap top at a teen driving information booth.
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GDL Game Plan for Coaches

Developed with NJSIAA, this 4-page brochure helps coaches and adult advisors partner with teens and their parents to promote greater understanding of and adherence to the provisions of GDL. A 15-minute briefing to help coaches put this into practice is available at no cost from the NJ Teen Safe Driving Coalition.

  • Best practice: Share with the Athletic Director, Principal or Superintendent and ask that they schedule a briefing for coaches; distribute copies to travel league coaches, boy and girl scout leaders, and other adults who mentor teens.
  • For more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Parent-Teen Safe Driving Agreement

This sample parent-teen safe driving agreement helps establish rules and consequences for teens, but also places responsibilities on parents. Safe driving generally requires much more than what state laws call for, and signing an agreement before a teen starts driving can be helpful in establishing expectations for the whole family.

  • Best practice: Distribute this sample agreement at a back-to-school night or teen driving information booth and/or ask your local high school driver education teacher to post it on the school web site with instructions to students to print it out and discuss it with their parents as a homework assignment.
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Parent to Parent Safe Driving Agreement

This sample parent to parent agreement fosters communication among teens’ parents so there is consistency in the rules and consequences for teens and their friends. Additionally, it is a helpful tool for teens with divorced parents who may have differing viewpoints and philosophies regarding their teens’ driving practices and adherence to both state laws and parental rules.

  • Best practice: Distribute this sample agreement at a back-to-school night or parent/teen orientation; write an op-ed for your local community newspaper discussing the importance of teens’ parents working together to understand and enforce the GDL law, and ask the editor to print a copy of the sample agreement with your editorial.
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Designed by parents for parents, to help keep teens safer on the road.

  • Best practice: Sign up to receive weekly practice tips and suggestions via email; share tips and links to videos with other parents; post them on your Facebook page.
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So Your Teen Wants a Car?

This brochure provides important information -- safety features and ratings, insurance, maintenance -- parents should consider when purchasing a vehicle for their teens.

  • Best practice: Share this information with your local car dealerships to ensure their sales staff are well-versed in working with parents and teens on appropriate vehicle selection for novice drivers; briefly discuss vehicle selection during a parent/teen orientation and include a link to the brochure in your materials.
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