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While technology is advancing, it does not take the place of good driving practices and close parental supervision. You are the key in creating a safe driver.


Text messaging while driving is one of the leading causes of car crashes, and it is illegal while driving in New Jersey. There is a wide variety of smart phone apps designed to help reduce distractions while your teen is driving and keep their passengers safer on the road.

  • ZoomSafer - Limits the ability to text, email or make phone calls while driving
  • WiseDrive - Automatically detects while vehicle is moving at high speed, disables audio text messaging notifications and replies to inform the contact that person is not available
  • Can'tText - Incoming text alerts are automatically responded to with a pre-written message that the user selects
  • DriveSafe.ly Pro - Texts and emails are read aloud and the app automatically responds without touching a button
  • Dangers of Distracted Driving - Explores the consequences of distracted driving
  • Steer Clear Mobile - Teaches proper driving procedures and increases ability to receive State Farm Insurance discounts
  • Izup "Eyes Up" - Holds incoming and outgoing communication while driving
  • SafeCell - Tracks users position and alert to local no-text and no-cell rules
  • Safe Driving - Sets a maximum speed limit and alerts when limit is exceeded
  • iGuardianTeen - Allows parents/guardians to view and help coach teen driving by delivering a "Driving Report" to an email
  • TextNoMore - Rewards program for avoiding texting and driving.

Vehicle equipped technology

Motor vehicles incorporate technology such as antilock breaking systems, traction control, electronic stability systems, and back-up sensing systems to help avoid crashes. In addition, select car models come equipped with advanced safety features. The Mykey™ System allows parents to control top speed, volume of stereo and seatbelt usage. (read article about Mykey™ in Motor Magazine) Driver Alert Control monitors whether the vehicle is being driven in a controlled manner and the City Safety technology senses a potential crash and will actually apply the brakes.

After market technology

Studies have shown that teenagers engage in risky behavior when parents are not in the car. So, what can parents do to ensure that their teen driver is driving safely even when they are not in the car? After market technology has been developed to address risk factors that contribute to teen crashes and can offer parents the ability to track their teen's driving behavior. Current technology addresses driving skills, speed, seat belt usage, number of passengers in the car, cell phone usage, and intoxicated driving.

Video recorders

Drive Cam is a tiny video camera installed behind your rear view mirror. It is often referred to as the "black box" of automobiles. It continuously records sights and sounds both inside and outside the vehicle. For more information on Drive Cam systems, visit the following sites:

GPS tracking devices

GPS tracking can provide information related to speed, seatbelt usage, passengers in the vehicle, and location. Parents can use this information to correct potential problems that put their teen at risk. The following are examples of GPS tracking systems:

Cell phone blocks

Technology exists today that can prevent teens from using a cell phone when driving. An override is available in the event of an emergency. Please check with your cell phone carrier for this feature, or learn more at these websites:

  • Key2SafeDriving: Prevents individuals from texting and/or talking on cell phones when car is in use
  • Textecution: Disables cell phone if car is in motion

Intoxicated driving monitors

New Jersey has a strict "zero-tolerance" policy for underage drinking. Technology does exist for individuals to monitor their blood alcohol level to prevent impaired driving.

Don't forget

Technology is just one aspect of safety. It is still crucial to keep your car in good working condition. Click here for a sample of a standard safety car check.

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