Laws and Legislation

Laws and regulations play a key role in helping to keep teens safe on the roads in New Jersey. Carefully crafted laws and regulations are the framework that we use to begin setting guidelines for our teen drivers.

After an increase in teen crashes and deaths, the New Jersey legislature established the Teen Driving Study Commission to make recommendations to help reduce crashes and save lives. Click on the links below to view current laws relating to teen driving safety:

Current teen driver safety bills

There are several bills currently pending action in the New Jersey Legislature pertaining to teen driver safety. Click on the links below to read examples of such bills:

  • Click HERE and HERE to read bills expanding education requirements for special learner's and examination permits.
  • Click HERE to read a bill that removes the requirement that holder of a special learner’s permit, examination permit, and probationary driver’s license display decal; requires certain novice drivers submit motor vehicle information to chief administrator.
  • Click HERE to read a bill that provides that probationary license holder may transport siblings in addition to dependents and one additional passenger.
  • Click HERE to read a bill establishing practice driving requirements for examination and special learner’s permit holders.
  • Click HERE and HERE to read legislation amending Kyleigh’s Law to remove requirement that holder of a special learner’s permit, examination permit, and probationary driver’s license display decal.

Next of Kin Registry

The Next-of-Kin Registry is a New Jersey statewide web based system that allows individuals at least 14 years of age to voluntarily submit and maintain emergency contact information through the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. This non-public information will only be used to by law enforcement officers to locate designated emergency contacts in an event that a person is involved in a vehicle crash that renders him or her unable to communicate.

The Next-of-Kin Registry was established in response to "Sara's Law," which was created in memory of Sara Elizabeth Dubinin from Sayreville Miss Dubinin became unresponsive following a motor vehicle crash in September 2007 and lapsed into a coma before her parents could be notified and eventually passed away. The law sought to ensure that an emergency contact could be notified immediately in the event of a vehicle crash.

To register for next-of-kin, please click here. You will need to fill out the form with the applicant’s current zip code, driver’s license number (or identification card number) and his/her full social security number. Up to two emergency contacts may be entered with their first name, last name and primary 10 digit phone number. Emergency contacts must be at least 18 years old. Contacts may be changed and/or added at any time by logging into the registry.

Get Involved!

You can express your thoughts about these bills (or any bills pertaining to brain injury) to members of the New Jersey State Legislature who represent you. Begin by clicking HERE and then clicking the town in which you reside. Then, click on the district number that corresponds with the town. Upon doing so, you will see who represents you in the New Jersey Legislature.

Stay informed!

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Learn to advocate effectively

To learn how to effectively advocate your thoughts and views about bills and issues pertaining to brain injury, contact Tom Grady, Director of Advocacy & Public Affairs by clicking HERE or calling 732-745-0200.