Facilitator Resources

Access all of the tools you'll need to help your community safer for teen drivers by educating, engaging and empowering parents and teens as a Share the Keys Facilitator!

PowerPoint Presentation

24 slides introducing and reinforcing key objectives with talking points, videos and contracts. See Facilitator Guide for presentation talking points and resources. Key objectives include: Understanding the Graduated Driver License (GDL Being a Good Role Model), Effectively Enforcing the GDL at Home, Increasing Practice Driving Hours Controlling the Keys and Increasing Practice Driving Hours Controlling the Keys.

Jerry Cibley's Story

This two-minute segment of the Oprah show, used in conjunction with the No Phone Zone Pledge, shares a father’s tragic story of the devastating consequences of distracted driving.

Facilitator Guide

A 38-page instructional guide that presents helpful talking points, tips and interactive exercises and includes an overview of the methodology used to develop the orientation

Program Description

Kean University in partnership with the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety and New Jersey State Police developed Share the Keys, a research based, data-driven orientation designed to reduce teen driver crash risks by increasing parental involvement.

Share the Keys Resource Guide

This 24-page booklet presents helpful advice, research and contracts to support parental involvement and safe driving behaviors.

Safe Driving, A Parent’s Guide to Teaching Teens

This booklet provides practical guidance and tools to support parents teaching their teen to drive. The guide includes: lessons; reviews; checklists to help parents teach their teen safe driving skills; a practice driving log; a sample parent-teen contract; and an overview of GDL and other NJ motor vehicle laws.

2010 New Jersey Teen Drivers Report

This report examines the state of teen driver safety in New Jersey by analyzing teen driver crashes, injuries, fatalities, passenger involvement and contributing factors. The report includes a seven-year comparative breakdown of teen driver crashes by region and town.

Driving Through The Eyes of Teens, A Closer Look (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute, CHOP)

A comprehensive report of seven recently published research studies from CHOP, which includes several analyses from the National Young Driver Survey (NYDS), as well as evidence-based recommendations for practitioners and parents that may reduce teen crash risk.

Facilitator Checklist

The checklist provides a step by step guide for preparing to deliver a Share the Keys orientation.

Contact Information Sheet

These contact sheets are distributed and collected from participants interested in receiving updates on new teen driver resources as they become available.

Pre and Post Surveys

These surveys are used to measure the impact of the orientation based on its key behavioral objectives. Survey results will be used to evaluate and refine the orientation.

Resource Materials

Teen driver safety websites, reports and research that suuport your program with additional tools and information.